Indoor Exhibits

  • Butterfly Habitat
    Visit our glass-enclosed butterfly exhibit housing different species of butterflies in a habitat that mimics the tropical forests they are from in the wild.
  • Budgies and Recycling
    View our very active and colorful flock of budgies (parakeet) at the Australian Outback budgie exhibit. Find out how you can help save them by recycling.
  • Marine Fish and Saving Electricity
    Challenge yourself to find the electricity wasters found in every home, from your living room to your kitchen, in this innovative interactive exhibit. Learn how saving energy at home and in your daily life helps fish in the sea.
  • Animal Action Lab
    Take a mini-lesson on how you can “Save Energy to Save Wildlife”.
  • Domestic Rats
    Think of it as a rat gymnasium!
  • Ants
    Watch ants move through naturalistic tunnel system, forage for food and carry food back to underground chambers.
  • Amazing Insects
    Discover surprising creatures from all over the planet such as giant walking sticks, exotic flower mantises, jewel beetles, water bugs, and more.
  • Tiny Tot Barn
    The Tiny Tot Barn is a special space devoted to toddlers ages 1-3 and their caregivers.
  • Wildlife Workshop
    Come and get your hands messy doing things for animals!