About KidZooU

The Philadelphia Zoo has built a world-class children’s zoo – providing a joyful, engaging experience for children and families while promoting a lifetime of conservation action through hands-on learning activities.

KidZooU is a year-round destination. Abundant indoor and outdoor features make it less weather-dependent and appeals to children ages two to thirteen.

The Zoo’s previous children’s zoo animals - goats, sheep, ducks and backyard bugs - are joined by colorful butterflies, budgies and tropical fish, all connecting a conservation message.

Rare breed goats, sheep, and chickens delight visitors with their unique appearances and convey the importance of species diversity.

The building is LEED-certified and includes a number of “green” features - green roofs, rainwater harvesting cisterns, and geothermal heating and cooling.

Children are engaged in animal care: grooming, feeding and learning how to improve animals’ lives.

The Zoo’s new dynamic design - overhead animal trails - connect exhibits and allow animals to move throughout the Zoo, creating a constantly-changing experience for the animals - and guests!

All of the Zoo’s educational programming - and its teaching collection - are housed in one space to support more comprehensive programs.